5 Big Impacts for 5 Small Spaces

Think small, but go big!  These five thoughtful enhancements for the smallest areas of your home will surely give you a great personality!

1.  Empty Corners:

Utilize those out-of-traffic areas not being used as a small office hub.  Laptops and iPads are compact enough so you only need a small desk or accent table.  Consider a shallow desktop to save some inches.  Then add a sassy chair for extra style!


A. & B. Are perfect examples of taking advantage of those empty corners with a small office!

2.  Nooks & Crannies:

These make older homes so charming.  New homes might not have all these special little details, but create the same effect if you can afford a few feet.


C. Building shelves and cabinets around a window will offer extra storage space, and a window seat!!
D. This cozy corner is maximized with plenty of European charm!

3. Powder Room:

Give this room an element of surprise.


E. It’s the perfect amount of space for funky and gorgeous wall paper…
F. ….and don’t be afraid to go dark;  by nature it’s a small room.

4.  Doors:

You don’t have to paint the entire room.  This is a small and reasonable project, with a large return!


G. Painting a pantry door is the perfect pop of color for the kitchen…
H. …or inside the kids’ rooms. We bet they’d love to pick the hue!

5. Hallways:

There’s a great design opportunity in these transitional areas.


I. A gallery wall is always a warm touch in a hallway, and a great way to remember life stories as you journey from room to room.
J. Go ahead, glam up the lighting!
K. Or how ’bout a beautiful runner to soften the space (and the noise)?

Send us your ideas!