Hunter Douglas Window Coverings Will Transform Your Home

How a Lincoln couple’s experience changed their view.


Hunter Douglas Window Coverings


It was a beautiful, sunny day when we sat down with Dee and Jack Farrall at their home in Lincoln, Nebraska. Custom Blinds & Design, with a Hunter Douglas Gallery® in Lincoln, NE and in Omaha, NE, had recently worked with the Farrall’s to select and install new custom hardwood shutters throughout their home. We wanted to share their story to help other homeowners, who may be considering replacing their window coverings, learn about the Farrall’s experience, selecting the right window covering through installation.


What made you decide to replace your existing window coverings?


We built our home in 2018, and at the time, decided to install draperies. We discovered that the draperies, which hung floor to ceiling, took up a significant amount of wall space and made the rooms feel smaller and darker. Within a couple of years, we decided it was time to invest in a different type of window covering.

That’s when Dee got busy doing her homework. She Googled companies that sold shutters and narrowed the list down to two, with Custom Blinds & Design in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE being one of them. She requested representatives from both companies come to their home and discuss window covering options. Working with a company that was knowledgeable and would be helpful was a priority for them, as the Farrall’s selected the right type of shutter.


Why did you choose to work with Custom Blinds & Design?


The Farrall’s say that “Peg came with a can-do personality and was wonderful to work with.” Peg is the Business Development Manager at Custom Blinds & Design, with years of experience and understanding of the Hunter Douglas products and services. “Her knowledge and ability to guide us through the process was invaluable,” said Jack. “We got to know her so well that she felt more like family than a sales consultant.”

Deciding to change out window coverings was an investment in their home and quality of life, according to the Farralls. They wanted to work with a design consultant who understood their goals and budget. Someone who would be respectful of their time throughout the entire process. As a result, they felt comfortable in their decision-making because they were confident that they were working with the right person who would offer information and guidance and not try to convince them to buy something they didn’t want.


How did you decide to go with Hunter Douglas shutters?


Dee knew that she wanted wooden shutters but Peg also showed her a few newer options that might work well in their home including window shades that were transparent and let more light in, while still covering the window and offering privacy. She still decided on the hardwood shutters.

They were impressed with the fact that Peg brought out samples of different types of products to their home. Once the hardwood shutter style was selected, Peg measured all of the windows. Before the order was placed, Justin, one of Custom Blinds & Design installers came out to measure one more time.


How was the installation day?


Justin was great to work with; he was very knowledgeable about installing the shutters. He had some fitting challenges and handled them very professionally. When he was installing the shutters on the back door, he ran into a complication with the back door as the shutter overlapped with the door handle. Justin took it upon himself to find a solution. Him being able to customize the shutter onsite meant a lot to Dee and Jack. They felt he went the extra mile to ensure that the shutter on the door was exactly the fit they wanted.

When asked how they would describe their shutters now that they are installed, the Farralls referred to them as “classy,” “expensive looking,” and “traditional, yet timeless.” They also noted how efficient the shutters are when it comes to keeping the heat out during the summer and in during the winter months.

“When the shutters were installed, it felt like they had moved the walls back and the rooms were larger,” said Dee. “There is nothing I would change!”


Overall, how was your experience working with the team at Custom Blinds & Design?


“The people at Custom Blinds & Design are great to work with,” said Jack. “We never felt displaced or wished that they would hurry and finish. They were so professional and on the same page as us. It was very nice to work with people like that.”


What would you say to someone who is considering the investment in window coverings for their home?


“Hunter Douglas is a company you should look at first, last, and always,” said Dee. “It’s good to look at other companies, but the comparison is night and day. It’s high quality. And, the team at Custom Blinds & Design were great to work with. We love our windows!”

If you are considering new window coverings in your home or office and would like to know more about all of the Hunter Douglas custom products we offer, call us or stop by one of our galleries in Lincoln, NE or Omaha, NE. See the products hanging up, get a demonstration of how they work, and touch and feel the window coverings. Our consultants will show you products that work with your budget. We promise you will like what you see!

Custom Blinds & Design gallery in Lincoln is located at 6105 South 56th Street in Lincoln or call 402-730-2000 to set up an appointment. In Omaha, our gallery is located at 1105 South 180th Street or make an appointment by calling 402-895-9900.