Monochromatic Palette – A Simple Way to Color Your Home

Applying a monochromatic or one-color palette is one of our favorite ways to add style and luxury to any room. It’s also one of the easiest ways to experiment with color and achieve harmony in space. Monochromatic color schemes may use only one color, but in all that particular color’s tints, shades, and glory. One example of a monochromatic scheme is to pair pinks with true reds, and even deep burgundies. Despite the limitation of using one hue, you’ll have more freedom than you think and the more you layer your color, the better the effect; it’s even better if they don’t match!

Below are some examples, in rainbow order, to get you inspired!



1. Apply this concept to a foyer, if you dare …
2. Or a small scene of accessories…



3. Orange sets a tone for warmth, fun, and happy conversations – perfect for a dining room!
4.If you love orange, (but not that much), try switching to seasonal pillows…



5. & 6. Good Day, Sunshine!



7. I love the use of these bold patterns in tranquil green…a perfect juxtaposition for a guest bedroom.
8. These greens together are certainly enviable…and stunning!



9. & 10. Blue, blue, our love is blue…



11. Purple is the color of imagination and spirituality…
12. And for those of you with an abundance of passion, pair purples with magentas and fuchsias. Simply gorgeous.

The best part about monochromatic schemes is that there are no formulas or general rules for this concept; just be intentional and don’t be afraid to keep layering the color. Start with one room of your favorite hue…and have fun!