Plan for Child Safety

child safteycustom binds teamby Sherri Tafoya –
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It’s smart to think about child safety when you select design elements for your home.

It’s a good time to focus on this important topic – especially when it comes to selecting design elements for your home. Most people don’t think of safety as part of their interior design decision making, but it is a smart part of the process.

It’s not difficult to plan your home around safety; it’s just that you need to think ahead and keep safety top of mind when you make your choices.

Design elements to consider to maximize child safety in your home environment include:
– Lighting that’s shatter-resistant to toys that get thrown around
– Gates at tops or bottoms of stairways
– Fireplaces that are not easily accessible
– Electrical outlets that are child-proof
– Window fashions without dangling cords – think cordless or motorized
– Rounded edges on cabinets, countertops and coffee tables

Of course, safety is about more that just children. Depending on your stage in life – or the stage of your loved ones – you might want to think about safety features for older people too!

To protect the seniors in your life, consider these factors when you select design elements for your home:

– Well-placed, secure railings on stairways
– Skid-proof flooring
– Rugs with secure padding underneath to prevent slippage
– Minimal clutter so pathways are left clear to walk safely

Design and safety are not mutually exclusive goals. Think ahead when you select beautiful design elements for your home; and you can be assured that your home is a safer environment for children, older adults – and even pets!