Questions from a Home Show…(and throughout the year!)

ret03-4x6ApplauseHoneycombShadesby Susan Hall –
Design Consultant,
Custom Blinds & Design

We’ve just finished a few home shows, and one of the main things people ask us is: “What do I put on a door? Patio doors, sliding doors, French doors…”

We can help you think outside of the box when it comes to doors. Just about anything you can do in a window, you can do over a patio door. You might want to think about top mounting a product so it comes down from the top as opposed to coming from side-to-side. People don’t always think you can do that on a door, but our Hunter Douglas products are made in very wide widths, so many things fit very well over the top of a door. When we’re finished doing your sliding door, you’ll love the possibilities a Hunter Douglas blind or shade can have on your door. It’ll look so different; and make it look truly unique and very custom…