Window Shades can be Decorative and Functional: 4 Things to Consider

Window Shades can be Decorative and Functional

With the right dressing, windows can become art while bringing light into a room. Shades can help you control the light that enters your home, but getting the right amount of natural light can be a difficult task. Understanding how natural light can affect productivity, elevate your mood, and transform your interior space is key to selecting the type of window treatment for your home or office. When it comes to choosing the right shadings, Custom Blinds & Design, located in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, offers a variety of styles and functionality that can impact your interior spaces. There is a lot to consider on how window shades can be decorative and functional and we are here to help.


Type of Room

What is the space used for where you want shades? Do the windows reflect light off of areas where computers or TVs are located? Is privacy important? Where is the sun in this location at various times of the day and is temperature a concern? Once you have answered these questions, then you can determine your design aesthetic – contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between. You will find that Custom Blinds & Design offers a variety of Hunter Douglas styles for every taste, every room, every moment.


Style of Shade

Hunter Douglas is known for creating beautiful window shades that are timeless. Their attention to detail, quality, and custom craftsmanship, along with offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty, are unparalleled in the window coverings industry. “Exceptional and innovative” are just two ways to describe the variety of beautiful and functional shades to choose from for your home or office.

When you visit a Custom Blinds & Design showroom, our professionals will listen to what you want in a shade and then show you how that shade might look in your room. Our showrooms are set up for you to visually see and touch different styles of Hunter Douglas shades. We take the guess-work out of your decision making.

These are a few of the styles of custom shades available.



When considering functionality of the shades, think of this in terms of energy efficiency and room darkening. Hunter Douglas is a pioneer in energy efficiency and the first manufacturer to receive certification for interior window coverings from the Attachments Energy Rating Council. In addition, Hunter Douglas offers energy efficient styles in a range of insulation levels, which can help to lower your energy consumption and costs in winter and summer.

From ensuring privacy in your space to managing the amount of light entering the room, we have shades that do both, giving you peace of mind and comfort, any time of the day or night. If you have someone living in your home who works during the night hours and sleeps during the day, shades that offer room darkening capabilities would be very important to create the perfect sleeping environment. Our darkening shades range from total blackout of light to minimal light entering the room.


Operating System

If you’re a person who walks in the front door and asks “Alexa” to turn on the lights, then you will love the choices that Hunter Douglas offers when it comes to motorized operating systems for your window shades. From simple to high-tech, there’s a system that works for everyone. Some of our more popular operating systems include:

  • UltraGlide® – ergonomic wand raises and lowers shades
  • Top Down, Bottom Up – privacy and natural light with window shades that operate from both directions
  • SoftTouch® Motorization – cordless, motorized system that is simple and wand-controlled
  • LiteRise® – cordless system that requires a light touch of the handle to raise or lower shades
  • SkyLift™ – manual or motorized system to operate shades on skylights and hard-to-reach windows
  • SimpleLift™ – cordless system that features a button on the bottom rail for lifting/lowering

No matter what style, type, or operational system you are looking for, Custom Blinds & Design in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, is here to help you select the right shades for your windows, every time – always considering how window shades can be decorative and functional. We would love for you to stop by our showroom in Omaha at 1105 S. 180th Street or in Lincoln at 6101 S. 56th Street and let us show you how Hunter Douglas shades can change your interior world.